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212 items for  CAD 10,000 - CAD 49,999


Construction and Machinery Trailers(11)
Drilling Equipment(10)
Dump Trailers(11)
Dump Trucks(5)
Excavator Attachments(8)
Mining Equipment(8)
Truck Tractors(13)
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IronClad Assurance


Model 115PSG-B-CY1-HP2-C(1)
Model 115PSG-B-CY1-HP3-C(1)
Model 16-2-Q42(1)
Model 160H(1)
Model 1648(1)
Model 16LB(1)
Model 1800(1)
Model 210M(1)
Model 225C LC(1)
Model 24" x 36"(1)
Model 2562(1)
Model 2674(1)
Model 312B(1)
Model 3412(3)
Model 350D(1)
Model 350RE0ZDD(1)
Model 379(2)
Model 4400(2)
Model 441B(1)
Model 450DSEB(1)
Model 46-8(1)
Model 4964S(1)
Model 5500(1)
Model 5525(1)
Model 579(2)
Model 621B(1)
Model 631D(2)
Model 635F(1)
Model 7120(1)
Model 730A(1)
Model 7400(4)
Model 740A(1)
Model 88C(1)
Model 950(1)
Model 9510(1)
Model 980G(1)
Model A25C(1)
Model AL-302.1(1)
Model AT9500(1)
Model Acterra(2)
Model BH138(1)
Model Badger(1)
Model C5500(1)
Model CB14(1)
Model CD50(1)
Model CH613(1)
Model CHU613(1)
Model CXU600(1)
Model City Crusher(1)
Model Control Centre(2)
Model CycloBlower T5CDL9L(1)
Model D4H(1)
Model D7(2)
Model DCB-M 800(1)
Model DPU90(1)
Model DT15(1)
Model DV904-400R(1)
Model Drive Over(1)
Model E50(1)
Model E80(1)
Model EC290BLC(1)
Model F-550 XL Super Duty(1)
Model F-550 XLT Super Duty 4x4(1)
Model F-750 Super Duty(1)
Model F550(1)
Model G290(1)
Model H180E(1)
Model HIVOL(1)
Model HL740-3(1)
Model HL760(1)
Model KRFII35DXBK(1)
Model LCD180(1)
Model LT9500(1)
Model Lot 140C (leased lot)(1)
Model M2 106(1)
Model M2 112(1)
Model M9000 DT1(1)
Model M9960D(1)
Model MJ50RS(1)
Model MT426(3)
Model MT430(2)
Model MW(4)
Model NB-800(1)
Model PB240D(1)
Model PC300LC-6LC(1)
Model Pole-Cat(1)
Model R40(1)
Model RH4075D(1)
Model RS686LS(1)
Model RTV900(1)
Model SD115(1)
Model SM3-12(1)
Model SPS855(1)
Model SSV75(1)
Model ST 1020(2)
Model SYF30Q(1)
Model Sierra K1500 Denali 4x4(1)
Model Silverado(1)
Model Spectrum(1)
Model Super B-Train(1)
Model T680(1)
Model T800(1)
Model T880(1)
Model TC-2863(1)
Model V600(1)
Model VHD(1)
Model VNL(3)
Model VNL64T300(1)
Model W900(1)
Model WA500-3LK(1)
Model WBT-37.5K(1)
Model WG(1)
Model WL-350(2)
Model Wildwood Heritage Glen Lite(1)
Model XAS850JD7IT4(1)
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