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Hydril Company Lp(11)
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Model 1-1/8”(1)
Model 10,000#(1)
Model 100 Ton(1)
Model 1060 Cu Ft(3)
Model 11 gal. 3K(1)
Model 1287(1)
Model 1287/160(3)
Model 1350/350 Foam Unit(1)
Model 14’W x 48’L(4)
Model 14’Wx 48’L(1)
Model 160(1)
Model 1600(1)
Model 1700(1)
Model 200-5-30-E(1)
Model 2050-II(1)
Model 225(1)
Model 24' Modular Tank(1)
Model 2” Fig 1502(4)
Model 300-ton(1)
Model 32 GA2(1)
Model 340K0L(1)
Model 3512A(1)
Model 36" x 10' 3 Phase Horizontal(1)
Model 3711-804(1)
Model 398(1)
Model 3” Fig 1502(2)
Model 42(4)
Model 42 X 8(1)
Model 42x10(2)
Model 45BDX1L1D(1)
Model 5 1/2”(1)
Model 5-station(1)
Model 50-A(1)
Model 500E(2)
Model 6027AC-939(1)
Model 7 5/8” 175-Ton(1)
Model 7-5/8"(1)
Model 7500 Psi(1)
Model 752(1)
Model A-27-1/2”(1)
Model AJD 98(1)
Model AOT E/S(5)
Model AOT E/S 350/500(1)
Model AOT SLX-65(1)
Model AOT YC(1)
Model Annular(2)
Model BG24H(1)
Model Basket(1)
Model CORSAIR(1)
Model CORSAIR 300(1)
Model Cantilever(1)
Model Cantilever mast(1)
Model Change house(1)
Model D300(2)
Model DPH-8(1)
Model Diese(1)
Model Dogho(1)
Model Double(1)
Model DuraHE(2)
Model E/S(3)
Model E/S 350/500(4)
Model F x F x M 15,000 PSI TEE(1)
Model F1(2)
Model FB-1300(1)
Model FB1600(1)
Model FS-27(1)
Model FS40(2)
Model Fig 700(1)
Model Fuel(1)
Model GCT2-12(1)
Model GXXTA(1)
Model Gas Buster(1)
Model Generator skid(2)
Model Grasshop(1)
Model HU40(1)
Model HYC(3)
Model Heater /Separator(1)
Model Heater/Separator(1)
Model Heater/Separator (1)
Model Hose Bin(1)
Model Hydrair 725(1)
Model J-29(1)
Model J50D 20RTA(1)
Model JWS-340(1)
Model Jack and Claw(1)
Model Junk basket(1)
Model Junk box(1)
Model KB3500(1)
Model KJD9625(1)
Model King Cobra(1)
Model LB-200(1)
Model LB-400(1)
Model LTO 350(1)
Model M-Oiler(5)
Model M-Oiler 5000(1)
Model M-Oiler Premium 9F(1)
Model M-Oiler Premium-24(1)
Model M-Oiler Premium-4F(4)
Model M-Oiler Premium-9F(1)
Model MARK IV(1)
Model MGG 250(1)
Model MMG75(1)
Model MSB-3000(2)
Model MSC335(1)
Model MUSTANG 550(1)
Model Minor Millenium(6)
Model Mud Tank(1)
Model Mud Volume Tank(1)
Model Mud house(1)
Model Mud mixing skid(1)
Model N47(1)
Model Omni-Vent (Tm) Hot Fueling System(1)
Model Optim TEXP-HE(1)
Model Other(1)
Model PZ10(1)
Model Parts house(2)
Model Phantom Mouse(2)
Model RD115HTDS-GR(1)
Model RS(1)
Model RSX(1)
Model S-2.5(4)
Model S-3.5(1)
Model SLX(9)
Model SPS 330A Freedom Comb(3)
Model SRC House(1)
Model SWAB(1)
Model Self elevating substructure (1)
Model Shaker tank(1)
Model Skid(1)
Model T-60(6)
Model T300(4)
Model T370(3)
Model TDT6(1)
Model TFP1004C(1)
Model THP-1100(1)
Model THP-2000(1)
Model Tri-plex pump(1)
Model Trip Tank(1)
Model Type AAX(1)
Model Type B(2)
Model Unknown(5)
Model W4284(1)
Model Water tank(2)
Model Wireline(1)
Model XJFH-5/35(1)
Model YC(2)
Model YG-170(1)
Model null(24)
Model unknown (1)
Model up6-30/adm100(1)
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