At Ritchie Bros. we believe in fair and transparent auctions. We always strive to do what’s right for our customers.

Yesterday (Nov. 21), the IronPlanet system experienced technical difficulties and our team worked quickly to fix the issue. However, the system was unstable, and we were forced to reschedule the remaining Thursday items for today (Nov 22). That was not an easy decision, but we wanted to ensure fairness for all of our customers (bidders and sellers).

Unfortunately, there was a configuration issue in rescheduling the items, causing auctions to prematurely close over the evening, and creating additional confusion. In fact, our customers may have received emails that they had won items. We deeply regret this confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Given the confusion this has caused overnight, we feel that holding the auction today (Nov 22) would not be fair to either buyers or sellers. Many buyers did not get a fair chance to bid — thinking the event was rescheduled. Therefore, we have cancelled the auction today and we have rescheduled for next Tuesday, November 26.

We invest many resources in technology and we feel we have created one of the most robust live and online platforms. However, on very rare occasions things go wrong. We know we have disrupted your schedules. As an apology for this disruption, we are offering a special buyer transaction fee credit for the rescheduled event. For the Nov. 26 event, a buyer transaction fee credit of up to $100* per item will be in place.

To all of our valued customers, we greatly appreciate your understanding, continued support and trust you place in our company. One of our core values is doing what is right and we feel the actions taken above reflect that.

IronPlanet Customer Care