Common Uses for Mobile Cranes

A mobile crane is a heavy-duty machine that is primarily used to lift various types of load and cargo. They often have large, telescoping booms that allow the operator a wide range of utility. Mobile cranes are used for: Lifting Loads, Earth Moving, Cargo Loading, Construction, Demolition and Debris Removal.
Mobile cranes were made so they could easily move to and around a worksite. Additionally, they were meant for usage with a variety of loads with little assembly required.

Main Components for Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are mounted on crawlers or tired, truck-like carriers that transport the crane to job sites. A boom and hook are suspended on a wire rope that is operated by a variety of equipment in the cab. Most newer models use torque converters that allow for electronic control of hydrostatic drives.
The functionality of a mobile crane can change by adding a demolition ball, clamshell bucket, or a dragline and scoop to accomplish whatever task is needed.

Demolition Ball

A heavy steel ball that is hung from the crane and used for demolishing large buildings. These monstrous balls of glorious steel can range from 1,000 – 12,000 pounds.

Clamshell Bucket

There are different styles (Hydraulic, Cable -Single Rope, Cable- Four Rope) of buckets that can be utilized on the end of a crane. All types allow for the operator to move cargo or other materials.

Manufacturers & Models

The primary factor in determining which model of mobile crane is right for the job is to the capacity of the lift. It is recommended to consult an experienced lift engineer to confirm lift capacity. Many models also have additional choices of attachments that can be switched on and off to tackle a more diverse range of projects. Before choosing a mobile crane, it is important for you to understand the state and federal OSHA requirements and the ASME B30.5 Mobile Crane standards.
There are several popular manufacturers of mobile cranes including Broderson, Grove, Liebherr, Link-Belt, and Terex.

Top Mobile Crane Models

Manufacturer Equipment Specs