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246 items for  1980 - 1984


Agricultural Tractors(23)
Air Compressors and Treatment Equipment(5)
Construction and Machinery Trailers(16)
Dump Trailers(6)
Dump Trucks(12)
Silage, Produce and Grain Trucks(7)
Tillage Equipment(6)
Truck Cranes(8)
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IronClad Assurance


Model 1150(1)
Model 12G(1)
Model 1420(1)
Model 1460(1)
Model 14G(1)
Model 1654(1)
Model 16G(1)
Model 1724(2)
Model 1754(1)
Model 1800(1)
Model 185(1)
Model 1854(2)
Model 186(1)
Model 1954(1)
Model 2-105(1)
Model 2090(1)
Model 210-14 Plain Series E(1)
Model 2155(1)
Model 225 LC(1)
Model 2290(2)
Model 235(1)
Model 2390(1)
Model 320A(1)
Model 330-35(1)
Model 3340-Z(1)
Model 337(1)
Model 3412(1)
Model 348(1)
Model 350(1)
Model 350-0(1)
Model 359(4)
Model 359S19(1)
Model 3900(1)
Model 400(1)
Model 4040(1)
Model 4400(1)
Model 4440(1)
Model 4640(1)
Model 475(1)
Model 4840(1)
Model 4890(1)
Model 4T200(1)
Model 53 Ft(1)
Model 5300(1)
Model 584(1)
Model 595(1)
Model 5FI-48-PBI(1)
Model 60(2)
Model 600(1)
Model 613B(1)
Model 637DPP(1)
Model 639D(1)
Model 64-25VT225(1)
Model 6510DD(1)
Model 651E(4)
Model 666(1)
Model 680H(1)
Model 7000(1)
Model 7620(1)
Model 773B(1)
Model 81 CAT 773B Haul Truck(1)
Model 815B(1)
Model 834B(2)
Model 835(1)
Model 8440(2)
Model 8450(1)
Model 8500B(1)
Model 8640H(1)
Model 875(1)
Model 885(1)
Model 895(1)
Model 9000(1)
Model 966D(1)
Model :other(3)
Model A21219M(1)
Model ACCORD(2)
Model AD36(1)
Model ASC40-114T(1)
Model Autoclave(1)
Model BIG RED(1)
Model C-60(1)
Model C10 Scottsdale(1)
Model C500-Y40(1)
Model C5N21F(1)
Model C70(1)
Model CONDOR 46N(1)
Model CP-725(1)
Model Camaro(1)
Model Curtain Side Trailer(1)
Model D10(1)
Model D6D LGP(1)
Model D8H(1)
Model D8L(3)
Model DOMP(1)
Model DVR 573RSL4032(1)
Model El Camino(1)
Model F-1900(1)
Model F-2574(1)
Model F-700(2)
Model F1954(1)
Model F600(1)
Model F800(1)
Model FC-35(1)
Model FH536-42(1)
Model FR20(1)
Model G210(1)
Model GENERAL(1)
Model H470A(1)
Model HABF2J1525(1)
Model HC-218A(1)
Model HC-238(1)
Model HD7-41(1)
Model HTC 4010(1)
Model HTC-35(1)
Model Hydration Trailer(1)
Model IND-24(1)
Model K100(1)
Model K1500(1)
Model LS-338(1)
Model LS-518(1)
Model LS2800C Series II(1)
Model LT8000(1)
Model LTL 9000(1)
Model M129A3(1)
Model M916(3)
Model MST 600(1)
Model ND-J2-SD3-13(3)
Model Omega 15T(1)
Model PB80-F2S-45(1)
Model PF180H(1)
Model Panther ST325(1)
Model R.931(1)
Model R570S(1)
Model R685T(1)
Model RLP70(1)
Model RT-865(1)
Model RT740(2)
Model Rascal(1)
Model SR38215ET(1)
Model SYSTEM 70(1)
Model SYSTEM 82(1)
Model SYSTEM 95(1)
Model Speedloader(1)
Model T35D(1)
Model TD20E(1)
Model TMS522(1)
Model TMS865(1)
Model TRANSTAR 4300(1)
Model TW20(1)
Model TW40(1)
Model TX45(2)
Model UH181(1)
Model Unknown(1)
Model V4150A(1)
Model VAST20W(2)
Model W33252(1)
Model W900(4)
Model W923 SAR(1)
Model WESTANK(1)
Model other(2)
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