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7,503 Hours
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Cat 10-20B 10’ Wide Screed, Extends to 20’, Rubber Tracks, Electric Heated Screed, On Board Generator, Dual Operator Stations, Cat C-7 Engine

***Please See Seller Supplied Inspection Details Attached in the Documentation Section Below***

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Inspected by IronPlanet.

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Inspection Report

Please note that as the buyer, you are responsible for reviewing the entire inspection report when evaluating an item.
Model Description
Description Details

General Appearance
Description Rating Details  
Paint Material buildup
Sheet Metal (Fiberglass) Condition
Steps/Ladders Slightly bent, Material buildup
Hand Rails
Exterior Lights Operational

Description Rating Details  
Travel Alarm Operational
Horn Operational
Seat Belts Operational
Current Safety Manual No
Current Operator/Maintenance Manual No

Control Station
Description Rating Details  
Hydraulic Controls
Steering Control
Drivetrain Controls
Oil Pressure The gauge registers in the operating range.
Warning Lights Operational; Displays codes
Screed Control Switches
Gauges Operational
Hour Meter 7,503.2 hours; Operational hour meter - IronPlanet makes no guarantees as to actual hours/miles; we can only report what can be visually observed. Click here to open photos and videos of this item.  
Limited Function Check The main components are in place and operational as noted.

Description Rating Details  
Blow-by (subjective visual observation) Minor
Starter Operational
Exhaust System Dent in muffler
Oil Leaks No dripping leaks
Fuel Leaks No dripping leaks
Cooling System Leaks No dripping leaks
Limited Function Check The engine started and ran.

Operational test is limited to low speed in a confined flat area without load. Differential interlocks, full transmission shifting and functionality of all drive axles cannot be fully verified. Inspector listens for abnormal noises, observes leaks and notes physical damage.
Description Rating Details  
Left Drive Motor
Right Drive Motor
Left Final Drive
Right Final Drive
Drive Chains/Sprockets
Limited Function Check The drivetrain was operational.

See photos for condition
Description Rating Details  
Pumps (Hydraulics)
Hydraulic Tank
Hydraulic Motors
Hoses (Hydraulics)
Hopper Wing Cylinders
Screed Angle Cylinders
Screed Lift Cylinders
Screed Extension Cylinders
Limited Function Check The hydraulic system was operational.

IronPlanet pin connection pivot point wear inspections are limited to sound, sight and feel observations. Dial indicator testing is not performed.
Description Rating Details  
Screed Lift Arms
Screed Bottom Plate / Mat Worn edge
Hopper Wings
Auger/ Screw Condition
Feed Conveyors Slates have some wear on both sides
Conveyor Drive Chains and Sprockets
Push Rollers Some chunking
Screed Heaters Not operationally checked
Screed Crown Adjustment Powered adjustment
Screed Angle of Attack Adjustment Manual adjustment
Extension Tubes
End Gates
Spray Down System Not operationally checked
Limited Function Check Some components could not be operationally checked

Description Rating Details  
Track Belt Condition
Rubber Belt Drive Lugs
Track Tensioners Operational
Front Idler Wear
Track Rollers
This item is offered with IronClad Assurance® protection. With IronClad Assurance®, if a buyer discovers that the item is not substantially in the condition as represented in this inspection report, the buyer may submit a written dispute claim to IronPlanet. Following submission of a written dispute claim, IronPlanet will investigate the claim, re-inspecting the equipment item as necessary, and determine a fair and mutually beneficial resolution. Please note that IronPlanet inspections are performed solely for the purpose of reporting the visible condition of the equipment's major systems and attachments on the day of the inspection and do not include load testing or digging/lifting. These inspections are not designed nor intended to detect latent defects, or conditions that could only be found in connection with the physical dismantling of the equipment or the use of diagnostic tools or techniques. This inspection report includes ratings, comments, and photos of the various components of the item. Knowledgeable buyers are expected to carefully review all of the available information in the inspection report, including all photographs, in order to make the best bidding and buying decision possible.
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