Importing into Canada

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Importing From Canada

Arranging your own transportation?

Here are some general guidelines on how to import your item into Canada:
  1. Before Purchase
    1. Consult with your transportation provider if they are handling your customs documentation or a customs broker
    2. For on-road vehicles, check with Canada’s Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV)
  2. After Purchase
    1. Obtain a Business Number (BN) for an import/export account from the Canada Revenue Agency
    2. Determine for the item
      • Country of Origin/Manufacture
      • Tariff Classification of the item
      • Applicable Canadian Taxes  as determined by the final destination of the unit
    3. Determine if the item qualifies under a trade agreement and the tariffs and duties (IronPlanet can supply the NAFTA documentation at a minimal charge)
  3. Before Crossing the Border
  4. Submit 72 hours prior to crossing your chosen point of entry:
    1. IronPlanet Commercial Invoice: 1 copy
    2. Cargo Control Document: 2 copies
    3. Bill of Lading (BOL) that is provided by your transportation provider
    4. Any additional permits, licenses or certifications (e.g. Original Vehicle Title, preferential tariff treatment, etc.)
Note: Please check with your specific point of entry regarding your shipment, as not all ports allow all types of imports. Ensure that the item is generally clean (for detail contact the CBSA and CFIA). Accurately determining the appropriate costs ahead of time will help to ensure timely release at the border.

Canada / USA Customs Made Easy

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