Welcome to the Pennsylvania Department of General Services - State Surplus Property Auction Marketplace for PA DGS Warehouse, Right-of-Way and Agencies surplus, equipment and more. Please see listings for more details, terms and conditions.

Purchase of Personal Property by Commonwealth Employees:  Commonwealth policy states that, employees of Commonwealth agencies, including members of their immediate families, are prohibited from purchasing, at Commonwealth used vehicle sales, any vehicles that were assigned to, or were surplused by, their particular agencies if the sales price exceeds $100.00.

No employee of the releasing agency shall be entitled to purchase any property from the agency except when the sale price of the property is less than $500.00 per item.

1474 sold items for "2666604, 2666598, 2666588, 2711271, 2765357, 2666582, 2767354, 2765656, 2767348, 2765403, 2767366, 2767374, 2767357, 2767351, 2767356, 2767358, 2767349, 2821241, 2711271, 2731805, 2813928, 2614126, 2800493"

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