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Kruse Energy brings the global reach of Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet’s convenient online opportunities together with the team’s unrivaled industry expertise

  • INTEGRITY - We are a team of trusted advisers, dedicated to oilfield equipment, with upstream, downstream and midstream equipment and sales expertise

  • SOLUTIONS - We offer a variety of industry leading sales platforms to tailor a selling plan for your business objectives

  • CONVENIENCE - We make it easy sell your assets where they sit, from anywhere to buyers around the world

  • RETURN - We bring global demand and reach international buyers ready to purchase, to help maximize market value

We welcome a variety of energy and oilfield assets, across brands, age, model, styling and locations.

Ask us about our upcoming live sales, ongoing online marketplace, private sales options, and appraisals.


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Selling on IronPlanet is Easy

If you want to sell equipment where it sits

If you need added flexibility in your selling schedule

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