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Lot of 100 New Premier BUSHING, FLANGED, PRESS F: NAS77A5-028P
Lot of 677 New Premier RIVET, BLIND, 100 CSK: CR3522-4-2 132271B402
Lot of 15 New PREMIER LAMINATED SHIM: 132009-15A15
Lot of 506 New PREMIER RESISTOR: 132373H2672BBC
Lot of 22 New PREMIER WASHER: NAS301-4
Lot of 300 New PREMIER RESISTOR (RN STYLE): 132373H2912CBC
Lot of 40 New PREMIER SHIM: 132009-03B30
Lot of 6 New Premier SCREW: MS9207-06
Lot of 100 New PREMIER SCREW: AA55624-83
Items offered for sale are "as is" and unused, as well as traceable.