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New Hawker SHIELD: RSK401
Lot of 603 New HAWKER RIVET: SL4093-32-10
Lot of 5 New Hawker LINE SPLICE: S1211-962IN
Lot of 80 New Hawker BRAID, SCREENING: RAY90-4
Lot of 344 New HAWKER SCREW: FH6C12CPL01BK
Lot of 257 New HAWKER BOLT: S21A102-1D
Lot of 12 New HAWKER BRACKET FAIRING: 25-7UM15-5
Lot of 252 New Hawker FUSEHOLDER: 150145
Lot of 1959 New Hawker LABEL: DHS496P
Items offered for sale are "as is" and unused, as well as traceable.