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This item is sold in the Aircraft Parts Distribution MarketPlace

Lot of 28 New Common SHIM: 132009-07B42
Lot of 2 New COMMON TUBE - PRESSURIZATION C: 131823E8M0500
Lot of 8 New COMMON VELCRO - LOOP: 131364-20-020
New Common WIRE: 131681AA0-9X10.00L
Lot of 75 New COMMON FITTING END: 131018-Y12A-10
Lot of 6 New COMMON .040 WALL 1.50X3.64, 12.0: 131820-B-NB-12-0C
Lot of 30 New COMMON PLACARD: 132054C
Lot of 20 New COMMON TUBE DE-ICING: 131823PE10D-1210
Lot of 8 New COMMON VELCRO - HOOK: 131364-19-020
Lot of 5 New COMMON WIRE 131681AA22-9 X 240.: 131681AA22-9X240
Lot of 21 New COMMON TUBE: 131823E6A1080 131823VE6A-1080
Lot of 3 New COMMON SHIELDED CABLE (132088-22: 132088X720.0
Items offered for sale are "as is" and unused, as well as traceable.