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IronPlanet's weekly auctions offer the perfect marketplace for buying and selling LMTVs. Stewart and Stevenson began producing the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles for the U.S. Army in the late 1980's, Yet, Stewart and Stevenson was acquired by BAE Systems in 2007, and watched as Oshkosh was awarded the FMTV contract back in 2009. The Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles can be further broken down into two categories: the LMTV (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) and the MTV (Medium Tactical Vehicle).

The LMTV was designed as a 4x4 with a 2.5 ton payload, which differentiates itself from it's bigger brother, the MTV. However, the LMTV is also equipped with CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) and the same Cat 3116 turbo diesel engine. CTIS alows the driver to input the terrain they are currently traveling over, which fluctuates the tire air pressure allowing for maximum traction. Browse current models for sale by manufactures such as Stewart and Stevenson and BAE Systems. Popular models include the M1079 LMTV, a 4x4 van truck; and the M1078 LMTV, a 4x4 cargo truck.

Watch Fred Willams and the LMTV- Dirt Every Day episode.

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