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IronPlanet Unveils Next Gen Inspection Report

Introduces Machine Odor Identification Technology and Virtual Tire Kicking

IronPlanet®, a leading online marketplace for selling and buying used equipment and other durable assets today introduced its next gen Heavy Equipment Inspection Technology. For years IronPlanet has led the industry in heavy equipment inspections and is now taking them to the next level. Common customer concerns about buying heavy equipment online have included the inability to smell specific machine odors and actually kick the tires. IronPlanet is addressing both issues with its latest product release.

Odor Identification Platform (OIP)

Through its new Odor Identification Platform (OIP), IronPlanet has partnered with leading VR handset providers to develop a specialized nasal attachment. With this attachment, buyers will be able to actually smell the machine and machine fumes when viewing specially identified photos. IronPlanet has developed technology that allows its inspectors to capture air samples at the same time it captures oil samples. Both samples are sent back to our labs in Fort Worth where the oil is processed by the spectrometer and the air samples are digitized. When the item is listed for sale, these samples are attached to the listing allowing the user with our OIP Nasal Adaptor to actually smell the machine. No scratching is required.

Virtual Reality Boot Adaptor

At the same time, the IronPlanet Innovation Labs (or Z-labs) team has developed a Virtual Reality Boot Adaptor that fits across the toe of any boot. When a buyer zooms in on a picture of one of the tires on a piece of equipment, he or she may kick the screen to replicate the exact sensation of actually kicking the tires. The adaptor has been developed with space age material to prevent any harm to the viewing device. This Virtual Tire Kicking (VTK) technology works for both desktop and mobile - a key requirement since a significant portion of IronPlanet’s traffic is mobile.

“I have been here for almost a year and coming from an online background, I have heard over and over from our customers that they need to smell the equipment and kick the tires before they buy online. We have been a leading innovator in heavy equipment inspections for years, so when our Z-Labs team came up with this product I was thrilled at being able to involve more buyers in our online auctions. The fact that this works for mobile and we are able to keep the phone from flying too far when kicked is amazing.”

- Matt Ackley, CMO of IronPlanet.

Be the First to Try

As part of the rollout process, IronPlanet has created a special sign-up form for those users that wish to be part of the beta testing program. Users participating in the program will receive early versions of both Nasal Attachment and the Boot Adaptor. The program will be limited to the first 500 users to sign up. Those wishing to participate can sign up here.

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Happy April Fools' Day!

While we haven't digitized fumes or the sensation of kicking tires (yet), you can rely on our industry leading inspection reports backed by our IronClad Assurance®. With over 100 checkpoints, photos and videos, you won't need to see the item in person to buy with confidence. Read more about our detailed Inspection Reports.